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"Mountain of Healers"

Created on 15 September 2015. Posted in In the press

... ful mountain from the present depradation. * This orchid was eventually re-discovered and identified as Satyrium bracteatum – but a rather different form to the usual one. MOUNTAIN OF HEALERS Mt. Tho ...

12 Amazing Facts about Amahlathi

Created on 19 May 2015. Posted in Stories of the area

... or Cyranthus family has been discovered in the Quanti area. It has been named Cyranthus macmasteri after Cameron Mc Master who found it. 5) Lions were still seen roaming near the Windvogelberg in Cathcart ...

Rock Art Centre & Vintage Vehicle Museum

Created on 29 September 2014. Posted in Activities

...  from both the early and late Stone Age. The oldest painting in Southern Africa was discovered in Namibia and dates back 27000 years and over time the changing history is shown in the paintings by the additio ...