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"Flyfishing in the Eastern Cape Highlands"

Created on 13 August 2015. Posted in In the press

... tangled brambles, and areas of matted tussock grass made for slow going, while the gradient and altitude worked our lungs. I noticed that Borris had become less chatty and more and more red in the face. ...

12 Amazing Facts about Amahlathi

Created on 19 May 2015. Posted in Stories of the area

... e became world renown for his knowledge on the prevention and cure of Tuberculosis. 9) The Cullinan Diamond was named after Thomas Cullinan who had worked with his father building the railway from  ...

Stationary Engine Museum

Created on 29 September 2014. Posted in Activities

... completed, more engines kept arriving; some of them were big monsters. Ron and his two assistants worked on them steadily and so the collection grew. After about 5 years during one of the Stutterheim festivals, ...