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A Short History of Stutterheim

Created on 13 October 2015. Posted in Stories of the area

Stutterheim is situated at the foot of the Eastern slopes of the Kologha Mountains, a spur of the Amatola Range, in the area of the Eastern Cape formerly called British Kaffraria. Xhosa groups moved ...

"Mountain of Healers"

Created on 15 September 2015. Posted in In the press

...  the base of Mt. Thomas and the name of the valley in which the dam was eventually built. Gubu is a Xhosa name for "drum" - a drum made of skin and beaten by the ancient Xhosa healers and witchdoctors  ...

"Once upon a forest – Stutterheim in the Eastern Cape"

Created on 13 August 2015. Posted in In the press

... the races. Stutterheim has a tense history, as it was one of the flashpoints during the 100 years of the Cape Frontier Wars, when the Xhosa nation fought Britain for this beautiful tract of land at the ...

12 Amazing Facts about Amahlathi

Created on 19 May 2015. Posted in Stories of the area

... this area is estimated to be 3000 old. 6) The great Xhosa chief Sandile who fought in the Frontier Wars was killed during the ninth war and lies buried at the foot of Mount Kemp. 7) Reverend Döhne,  ...

Cata Chalets

Created on 01 December 2014. Posted in Accommodation

... by history and culture, there is also a community museum which traces the forced removals and land restitution and Xhosa lessons can be given to those who are interested. To read more about the village ...

The Forestway

Created on 18 September 2014. Posted in Accommodation

... from Stutterheim on the N6. The name Kologha is derived from Xolo: the Xhosa word for peace. In the original it was Xolora – a place of or people of peace. For us, it is God’s peace!  Forestway offers ...

Eagles Ridge Country House

Created on 18 September 2014. Posted in Accommodation

... perfect for business groups as well as holiday makers. Alternative therapies such as drumming and meditation classes are available on request while those who are interested in Xhosa traditions and culture ...