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For those who are interested in old vehicles and car memorabilia, Thomas River is a place to lose yourself in the wonder and grandeur of travel in the past. Their collections are extensive and range over many, many years.

The Rock Art Centre has been exquisitely built and reflects the feeling of a cave. Painted entrance walls in the exact replica of an original site, give one the first taste of what is to come. Victor is a fountain of knowledge and all around the walls are photographic displays, paintings and artifacts from both the early and late Stone Age. The oldest painting in Southern Africa was discovered in Namibia and dates back 27000 years and over time the changing history is shown in the paintings by the addition of sheep and cows, men with spears and finally soldiers with guns. With such an expansive range of time, the actual art work remains similar with the same colouring and style up until fairly recently when finger painting became the norm and inferior paint was used. To read more about the Rock Art Centre click here.