Cata Community Museum

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The village of Cata is nestled in a beautiful crescent in the Amathole Mountains, approximately 50km from Stutterheim

Place of brutal apartheid-era forced removals in the 1960’s, the village now is a thriving model of integrated, community-driven development.

Development initiatives in the village include an agricultural co-operative, a forestry project and a tourism venture.

At the heart of the village stands the community museum- unique in South African that it is the only museum that tells the story of rural land dispossession and the community’s successful struggle for restitution.

Inside visitors begin their ‘Cata experience’ in the indoor part of the museum, where they will find exhibits of world class standard.

Outside is a 20km guided walk along a professionally ‘cut’ heritage trail, featuring information boards and a toposcope. The trail brings one face to face with the devastation of forced removal.

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