Fly Fishing

fly fishing escape route


With it's cool winter months, The Escape Route is a great destination for fly fishermen. Fly fishing is one of the most popular forms of relaxation. 

Sandiles Rest is a haven for fly fishermen and women. One is just about guaranteed to catch in one of the two rainbow trout dams onsite. The dams can be fished either on a “catch and release” or “catch, take, and pay” basis. Sandile's Rest is a private trout farm as well as a private game and forest reserve. 

The forested Gubu Dam is best suited to the more serious fly fishermen. There is an established fly fishing club and daily permits can be purchased from the club house. 

Cata has become popular with anglers. In order to maintain the wildness of the fishery, the fishing policy is strictly ‘catch and release’. One can go fishing in the Mnyameni Dam, set between two picturesque mountains, and in the upper reaches of the Mnyameni Stream. Fishing is also great along a seven kilometre stretch of the Cata stream and in the Cata Dam.