"The N6 Route - East London to Thomas River"

Buffalo city 360- Winter Edition 2015

From Buffalo City, it’s only a short trip to Stutterheim but there is much to see and do for the whole family while the outdoor adventurer in particular is more likely to get the best out of the region with its many outdoor activities and places to stay.

"South Africa's top Green Hotels"

Getaway Magazine
Posted March 26, 2013 by Getaway

Locals and internationals alike are now very aware of the ever-changing environment. Many consumers are now keeping in mind environmentally friendly alternatives to ordinary products. The hotel market has seen this need by travellers to minimize their carbon footprint and thus many of South Africa’s hotel owners are stepping up to the mark and utilizing green practices. These are some that are getting it right:

"Flyfishing in the Eastern Cape Highlands"

Country Life magazine
Posted on August 23, 2013 by Country Life

That was three decades ago, but the boy remembers how the swirling mist in the cold, gathering gloom gave up a trout. It was a tiny fish, perfect for a child. It leapt upon a Woolly Worm and danced across the ripple with the wild spirit that trout have. It was his first trout and the start of a new journey.TEXT BY EDWARD TRUTER

"Romantic Valentine's Escapes"

Country Life Magazine
Posted on Febuary 10, 2015 by Country Life

From secluded island retreats to mountain love nests and remote bungalows, here are three more of our Valentine’s escapes for 2015