• The Amathole Mountain Range, in the heart of the Eastern Cape 

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  • The Kologha Forest, second largest indigenous forest in South Africa

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  • Home to the critically endangered Cape Parrot

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  • Rolling hills and open grasslands

  • Gubu Dam and Wriggleswade Dam

more about websites

Traffic Through your Website

Obviously you want as many people to go to your website as possible.  Just having a website doesn’t necessarily mean that people are going to go there. But there are way to increase the traffic through your website.

Websites need to be submitted to the search engines for them to show up on Google, Yahoo etc. Once your website is submitted and accepted to the website it then has to jostle for position in the top rankings.  These search engines have algorithms that determine which websites rank the highest. In most cases (definitely for Google) these algorithms are closely guarded secrets and use a variety of factors to determine the ranking. Some of these factors include, traffic through the website, the age of the website, the amount of data on the website and more.

Websites need to be advertised as much as possible. Any other advertising and marketing done should incorporate your website, reciprocal links are also great and internet listings (many are free) is another way of getting more traffic through your website.

Updating Your Website

All the websites are made with the aim of being owner managed and updated. If however, you would require your website to be updated for you an arrangement can be made. The software used is extremely user friendly. The active management training includes training on how to edit or add text, pictures and weblinks. More complex changes can be done for you at a very reasonable rate.

Variety of Applications and Features

There are many great applications to add to websites to make it more dynamic, interesting, effective and engaging. Applications include photo galleries, event calendars, online shopping module, member log-in, blog, comment boxes, advertising space and much more.